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About Sreejith Associates

We Sreejith Associates, Professionals in interior design executing Hospitality, Offices and Residential projects serving corporate clients and individual clients all over India. we offers services in all aspects of interior design including space planning, Project Management, 3D Designs, Design Consulting,layout planning, Electrical Layout, Material Planning etc..From concept development to interesting material and design features the quality of our design not only relies on this foundation but also on the collaboration of our design team with clients.With over to 20 years of experience in corporate interiors, we excel in workplace environments. Our complete understanding of our clients’ needs, whether the project is a relocation, renovation or expansion, has enabled us to become one of the leading interior design firms. Our unique prelease plans help clients visualize the pros and cons of potential spaces and also facilitate construction budgets. We put every inch to productive use, while preserving the harmony and aesthetics of the total space.

Whether we are working within the state or throughout the country, our values remain the same. We are focused on our clients' needs and meeting them through an honest, interactive process. we will utilize our extensive experience, resources, and longstanding relationships with suppliers to maximize your end results.

Traditional To Contemporary

We treated rather ordinary windows positioned around a traditional bathtub anything but ordinary! Creating 4 large picture frames of marble and steel to cover or hide those windows, we hung them with industrial chains from the ceiling. To allow light to filter through, we framed 2 panels of rice paper. The other 2 panels were of mirror to reflect the beautiful finishes we designed with.

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Entertaining In A Beautiful Living Room

The dark wood piece of furniture located under the over-sized acrylic-on-canvas art opens up to become a full service dry bar. The top of the bar is protected from water and spills. After all installations are complete, we recommended having the furniture, area rugs and window treatments professionally treated to protect against wear, stains and UV rays.

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